Friday, November 11, 2011

Review: Manitoba Museum, Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada

Our trip to the Manitoba Museum was part of our Extra Day package that we elected to take on our National Habitat Adventures trip to see the polar bears in the wild in Churchill, Manitoba, Canada.

If you go to Winnipeg and do not spend a few hours at the Manitoba Museum you will be missing one of the best things Winnipeg has to offer. This museum is excellent with beautiful dioramas, well-labeled displays and great organization. We had a two hour guided tour and it was very informative and thoroughly enjoyable. If we were on our own, I could see us spending much more than two hours. It is well worth a visit. Just be sure to allow yourself a few hours to make the most of your visit.

(In case you are wondering why there are no photos in this post, the fact is I just couldn't do the place justice with my little point and shoot. I felt surrounded by history ... like part of it ... and my pictures made the museum seem so static. It really has to be visited to be appreciated.)

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