Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Researching a Trip With Kids

The other day I was on the phone with my son. He is considering taking his children (girl, age 11 and son, age 10) away for a few days. We were discussing suitable places for a winter time visit. He lives hear Philadelphia so I suggested Washington, D.C. He's been there before with the kids and they love it. During the winter it should be a lot less crowded. We also talked about places like Gettysburg. (My husband reads anything he can grab his hands on about the battle.) My son, though, felt the children are still too young to appreciate what went on there.

So we discussed other possible trips like at a resort that has everything inside. That brought up topics like indoor water parks in Virginia. Both of my grandchildren are water nuts and Virginia is far enough away to make it seem like a real vacation and yet close enough to do it for a long weekend.

He still has to decide where to go but living in the Philadelphia area gives him lots of options.

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