Tuesday, November 22, 2011

More South America Glacier Sailing

The recent post I did on sailing the Chilean fjords reminded me of some research I had done before our Antarctica trip, sailing the glaciers at the southern end of the continent. The majority of Antarctica sailings are round trip to Ushuaia and I had figured if we were going to travel that far, I wanted to see as much as I could. So I had considered a sailing between Ushuaia and Punta Arenas on the Via Australis.

Taking a cruise to see the glaciers is a great way to visit Patagonia. A friend of mine who did a land tour to Patagonia actually did this sailing, even though she is prone to seasickness. She had done her research and knew that the inside waters are extremely calm and the scenery and experience was going to be well worth any slight discomfort she might feel. As it turns out, she was totally right and thoroughly enjoyed the sailing.

The ships that sail this route are small but are beautifully outfitted with lots of wood. There are lectures after dinner and gorgeous scenery to enjoy during the day, for a full travel experience.

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