Wednesday, November 23, 2011

More Landscape Pictures, Churchill

There are no roads to Churchill, Manitoba. Everything comes in by air, boat or rail and that includes both supplies and people. Most of the trains coming into Churchill (3 days per week) are hauling grain during the growing season. The grain is then loaded onto barges which head out to the Atlantic through Hudson Bay, delivering grain all over the world.

As we traveled around the tundra we saw tire tracks from the polar rovers. The tires are huge and cost $3,000 each. There is not doubt they cause damage so there are very specific areas where they can go and where they can't. The park service determines which tour companies have permits and for which areas, trying to keep some of the damage under control while still allowing the tourism that brings so much money into the area.

As we traveled around the tundra, our expedition leader encourage us to look at the landscape, patterns on the ponds and rocks along the bay's shoreline. After all, we WERE on a photo trip.

Sometimes there were pictures worth taking by looking backwards. These are the ripples left by our rover as it went through the water.

More pictures out the window:

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