Wednesday, November 16, 2011

How to Plan a Guided Day Trip

While I typically research a destination to death before we leave home, there are times I want to leave the planning to someone else.

In my current ITN newsletter, there is a brief article on Viator. Viator offers almost 9,000 guided day trips throughout Europe, South America and the Caribbean. Travelers can search for excursions using several criteria including location, city, dates, activity type and more. Results can then be sorted by price, ratings and best sellers. Information provided for each tour includes itinerary, price, time, exclusions and inclusions. A complete itinerary for a location can be built and booked at the website.

I haven't used the site yet myself but it certainly looks like it has potential. Just for the heck of it I clicked on a few cities I've already visited to see what might be offered. For instance, we've already been to Venice but I've been looking at another cruise that begins there. Since we like to arrive a day early when we tour, I wondered what options there might be for a day in Venice. On Viator I found a day trip to the Dolomite Mountains or the Veneto Hills.

If nothing else, looks like this site could be a great destination resource.

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