Monday, November 7, 2011

Free City Tours

Visiting a new city? Want to see more than just the main tourist sites? Check out Global Greeter Network.

The Global Greeter Network began in New York City and its latest member is Moscow. Volunteers residents provide a free (tips welcome) two to four hour tour of their city. There are currently 22 cities that are part of the program including Buenos Aires, Paris, Athens and Houston.

The guides meet with individuals or groups of up to six people for a free walking tour. Tours can be customized to cover major tourist sites or to walk the neighborhoods, stopping at mom and pop stores and restaurants as well as introducing visitors to places that are special to the local residents.

The tour needs to be booked before your arrival. Booking forms are available on the Global Greeter website. Click on the city you will be visiting and then click on the link for the booking form.

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