Monday, October 17, 2011

Reading About a Travel Freelance Writer

I was just reading a travel blog. I ended up on the blog by following a Lonely Planet link. The blogger is a freelance travel writer who happens to also write for LP. I figured, great, let me see what this guy does. I would love to write for Lonely Planet too. Maybe if I could get paid for my travel articles I could deduct my travels as a business expense. Wouldn't that be nice. But I digress ...

His post about getting started writing a travel blog had to do with how he writes 'funny shit.' Then he goes on and on about writing 'funny shit', so much so that I figure this must be a keyword he has researched and has figured out that lots of people do a search on 'funny shit' and therefore if he writes the words often enough, searches on those words will bring traffic to his blog. He even says how writing f.s. got him into the Lonely Planet writing pool.

Then he goes on and on and on about how to write f.s. Personally, I don't think any of it is funny. There's another post about how to set up a travel blog. It too goes on and on and, IMHO, isn't particularly helpful. Actually, there are a whole bunch of not very helpful posts that just seem to go on and on and on.

Finally, trying to find out if there is anything worthwhile on the blog I did turn up some helpful items. One had to do with being an LP freelance writer and what it entails. He does a great job of detailing the really not-so-pretty stuff about being an freelance LP travel writer such as the research, deadlines, and formatting requirements. He also has some very long detailed posts filled with helpful information (restaurants/ accommodations / etc.) about places he has visited.

But in between the helpful stuff are long posts of garbage, stuff that is hard to read and, I guess, that he feels is funny. It is definitely not a blog I would want to subscribe to. When I started writing my blogs, CW was that I had to catch the writers attention within just a few seconds or my site visitor would be off visiting another site. So I've tried to keep my posts short and to the point. I like to think they are easier to read and will result in my site visitor wanting to read more. Yes, I know this post isn't very short. Yet it is one-third the length of the f.s. post I didn't find very funny.

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