Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Check Engine Light On? One Quick and Easy Fix

Here's some info that might be helpful if you are on a road trip:

Yesterday, I was driving on the expressway, using cruise control, when all of a sudden I noticed that my Check Engine light was on. Not only was that light on but my VSC light was blinking and the anti-skid traction light was on.

At the next exit I pulled over and tried to figure out what was wrong. Finding nothing, and just happening to be about 10 minutes from the dealership I use, that's where I headed.

The service manager looked at the car and wanted to know if I had filled the gas tank recently. He said that sometimes the cap does not seal properly when set and when the car does a self check, the pressure is not right. Since I had filled the car two days previously, I undid the cap and reseated it. That made no difference so I made an appointment to bring the car in for service (I was told as long as the light was steady and not blinking the car was safe to drive).

I was off to meet up with some friends where one of them told me she once had the same problem. And simply re-seating the gas cap does not necessarily solve the problem ... might have to drive the car a bit and build up pressure and give the car a chance to so another self check.

Sure enough, on the way home, I noticed the lights were gone. Car is now fine, acting normal and I cancelled my service appointment.

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Secular Guy said...

I'm embarrassed to admit that more than once I've activated the engine light by forgetting to replace an unattached gas cap after fueling. When I realized what's happened and returned to the service station, naturally the cap is gone, and I had to buy another one.