Sunday, October 9, 2011

Black Sea Cruise for 2013?

Just finished off a great weekend visit from California friends.

Ellen is the owner of Sea4Sail and books our cruises and tours. Over time our relationship has gone from TA and client to true friendship. Ellen and her husband just finished a Panama Canal cruise on Regent that disembarked in New York City. Taking advantage of being on the east coast, they used the opportunity to spend some time with us.

They rented a car in Manhattan where one way rates into upstate New York are horrendous. Ellen finally got a great rate through Alamo and they left NYC for Corning, New York where they spent the night and then thoroughly enjoyed a visit to the Corning Museum of Glass. Finally arriving in our home town, we had a great weekend together, including a visit to Letchworth State Park in GORGEOUS fall weather.

Among the many things we discussed was where she was thinking about another group cruise. She had put together and led our wonderful Holy Land trip. Ellen said she definitely has the Black Sea on her horizon, for 2013, with an extended stay either post or pre-cruise in Istanbul. She is working on making a decision which cruise line will give us the best experience and she'll update me with the details when she has them.

I'm looking forward to it! Perhaps, some of my blog readers might like to come along? I'll post details when I have them

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