Thursday, September 29, 2011

Review: G Adventures

I've had some inquiries as to what tour companies I use.

The one I've taken multiple trips with is G Adventures. This the company that I used with a friend for the Costa Rica trip and that my husband and I used for our Galapagos/Ecuador and Peru trips.

G Adventures used to be GAP -- Great Adventure People. G Adventures is a small Canadian company. It specializes in small group adventure travel. But don't let the word 'adventure' scare you. The company has evolved along with the needs of their clients. Yes, you can find bare bones trips (usually filled with 20-30 somethings) but you can also find 'comfort' trips (that's where you'll find us 60-somethings).

What I like about the G Adventure trips is that I don't end up paying for things I probably wouldn't want like 3 meals a day with the whole group. The price includes your accommodations, transportation, and group leader. And the prices are great.

Some tours include more and that is very clearly spelled out in the trip dossier. There is a lot of free time and I can chose to do nothing or I can opt for a local tour. I do and pay for what I want...not what is already built into an expensive itinerary.

G Adventures has a great forum that I participate in regularly. It was extremely helpful to me before my trips so I like to return the favor. Their web site is very user friendly and it is very easy to search for and book your trip online. You'll find online trip summaries and complete trip dossiers. Customer service is superb. Got a question? Just write. You'll get a speedy reply.

Obviously, I was happy with our G Adventures trips. Yes, we had a glitch or two but it can be that way with ANY travel. (Read my Hurtigruten Overbooking post.) If you are looking for unique, small group travel and are able and willing to do things like carry your own bags, then I do recommend that you take a look at G Adventures.

Oh...I almost forget....BIG advantage of G Adventures for the solo traveler....NO single supplement!

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