Thursday, September 8, 2011

Pack For A Purpose

I was just made aware of this fantastic organization. Pack For A Purpose makes it easy for visitors to foreign countries to donate needed supplies. The nonprofit organization was founded in 2009 and has a list of over 100 destinations. The idea is to have tourists use some extra luggage space to bring helpful supplies to the community they will be visiting.

You start by going to the web site and clicking on the area you will be visiting. A list of countries comes up and then, when you click on a country, the site displays a list of hotels supporting projects. Click on a hotel and you learn about the project and what supplies are needed. All that a tourist has to do is drop the supplies off at the hotel. There is no requirement to stay there.

Basically the site is easy to use but I think it would be more helpful if the hotel's city was added next to the hotel name. The way the site works now, you have to click on each hotel to find out where it is located. Actually, I think I will write them and suggest they add that information.

Still, the organization is a great idea and reminds me of when I brought a box of pencils, crayons and books when we went on our Africa safari. I will definitely check out Pack For A Purpose before my next international trip.

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This is a pretty cool idea. I am sure lots of tourists will support this project for a good cause.