Thursday, August 25, 2011

Walking the Freedom Trail, Boston, Massachusetts

The Freedom Trail starts in Boston Commons, near the visitor's center. Except that the visitor's center is currently undergoing renovation so we had to cross back over Tremont St. for the temporary visitor's center. Be careful. Don't be fooled by the business on the corner with the big sign proclaiming it a visitor's center. The official one is in the middle of the block and takes a bit of searching to find.

I was planning on finding a small brochure with some information on the Freedom Trail. The center had lots of pamphlets and books about the Freedom Trail, all of them with a price tag. The least expensive brochure was $3, a tri-fold foldout. Seemed a bit pricey but the fact is we did reference it a lot and it was worth the money.

The Freedom Trail is about 2.5 miles long. We knew we would not do it all in one day but we were determined to walk the whole trail and not miss any of it. The problem is that besides the 2.5 miles of the Freedom Trail, there is so much other interesting things that pull one away, like walking around Quincy Market or seeing the Holocaust Memorial.

I did not realize how much of the Freedom Trail was run by the National Park Service. Turned out I was able to get stamps for my national park passport. The park service offers 90 minute ranger led guided tours that are free. It would be worth checking out the park service site for information on tours, demonstrations and talks. As for my daughter and myself, we listened in on a few of the talks as we walked along but, even though we had 5 days, we had so much on our agenda we felt our time was limited and decided not to dedicate 90 minutes to any one tour.

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