Friday, August 12, 2011

Should You Buy Travel Insurance?

In my opinion, the answer is absolutely Yes!

The subject of travel insurance is discussed often in a travel periodical that I subscribe to. Some people never buy travel insurance. And others will not travel without it.

We are among those that do not travel without it, buying it from Access America. Even though we have been fortunate enough to never have needed it, we have come close a few times. It was comforting to know that, if needed, we had it.

Like when we needed to make a decision about cutting short a cruise because of illness. The thought of the cost involved had absolutely no effect on our final decision because we knew we were covered for medical care and flight evacuation, if needed. Fortunately, it didn’t some to that but it was nice to know that cost was not one of the items we needed to consider.

My personal feeling is that, at minimum, travelers should have evacuation insurance. Many people think of just the cost of flying home. If you only travel to major cities, getting home might not be a problem. But if you travel to places where the tourist infrastructure is a bit weak, and perhaps you need a helicopter or medical transport to get you home, having insurance is the only way to go.

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