Monday, August 8, 2011

Costa Rica for Some R & R?

Over the past year we have done a LOT of traveling. We cruised the Mediterranean and the Panama Canal. We took a 7-week car trip to the Southwest. They were all fantastic trips but they kept us on the move and required lots of research on my part. So I was thinking about a vacation where I got a chance to sit on the beach and do absolutely nothing. Browsing around the Internet for options I came across Jaco Costa Rica vacations.

Jaco is the largest beach town on the west coast of Costa Rica. Jaco beach vacation rentals consist of completely furnished beachfront condos in gated communities. The Jaco Condo rentals all offer quiet and privacy. If we wanted we could go bird watching or visit Manual Antonio National Park (which I LOVE – it’s only 50 minutes away). My husband could go sport fishing or, if the time of the year is right, we could visit Playa Hermosa and see the leatherback turtles where they lay their eggs and then make their way back to the sea.

There are plenty of restaurants nearby serving everything from Costa Rican food to American, French, Japanese and Italian. I could go shopping or take advantage of a spa. We could spend an evening at a local casino. Or I could just sit on the beach and do absolutely nothing.

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