Friday, July 22, 2011

Traveling For Premium Dark Run

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As readers of my blog know, I’m always looking for unique and unusual places to write about. This post is about the village of Zacapa in eastern Guatemala which celebrated its centennial in 1976 and, at the same time, began to produce Zacapa premium rum .

The land to the west of Zacapa is composed of acidic volcanic soil and receives long periods of sunlight every day. It is a premier region for growing sugar cane and this sugar cane is used to produce Zacapa premium dark rum using a unique rum making process. Typically rum is made using molasses, a byproduct from the sugar making process. Zacapa uses only the virgin sugar cane honey, the result of the concentrated first press of the sugar cane.

What really gives this rum its remarkable taste is the aging process it goes through. The rum is aged in the Quetzaltenango highlands, located 2,300 metres above sea level. The cool mountain air helps to slow the aging processes, giving the rum a unique complex flavor. Based upon a process that the Spaniards used over 500 years ago when they aged sherry, all of the rum is passed through casks that were used for other alcoholic products: American whisky, Oloroso sherry and Perdo Ximenez wines. Each of these casks gives the aged rum its special characteristics, resulting in Zacapa rum’s unique taste.

For rum drinkers looking for something unusual, join the Zacapa Society at Society members not only will learn more about this premium rum brand but may also have the change to influence the society’s direction. There is even the possibility of society members picking up a reward for their help.


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