Sunday, June 26, 2011

Review: Three Rivers Petroglyph Site, NM

(Our southwest trip started May 1. All of my posts were written as the trip went along but were not posted live until we returned. If you want to read all the posts related to the trip, click on "southwest" in the label section below).

This was another one of those places not on the original itinerary but that we decided to go a bit out of our way and visit anyway. And we are glad we did.

The Three Rivers Petroglyph Site is north of Alamagordo, NM and is easily reached by car. There is a trail that takes the visitor around some of the petroglyphs. The trail is not long but it goes up and down and is no where near anything like a groomed trail. We were glad we had our hiking shoes on and our walking sticks with us.

We've seen petroglyphs before but never so many in one place and so well preserved. Another interesting feature about this area is that a visitor can walk wherever they want. There is no requirement to stay on the trail.

The site includes a very nice picnic area with sheltered tables, restrooms and a water fountain. It was an interesting place to spend a few hours.

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