Saturday, June 25, 2011

Review: Battlefield Inn, Vicksburg, MS

(Our southwest trip started May 1. All of my posts were written as the trip went along but were not posted live until we returned. If you want to read all the posts related to the trip, click on "southwest" in the label section below).

We chose this motel because of price, it had a guest laundry and its proximity to the battlefield, which is literally right next door. Wish I could do a do-over because this place isn’t worth any price.

The best thing that can be said for the room is that it is large. And that is where the pluses end. The shower did not work properly. A dribble of hot water came out of the bath tap and then the handle spun freely. Because of the lack of water pressure, we could not get the shower to work unless we wanted to increase the cold water and take a cold shower.

A bedside lamp and a tabletop lamp did not work. There was an old candy wrapper under the bed. And I have never seen such thread-worn blankets in my entire life.

There was a Hampton Inn across the street. Wish we had stayed there.

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