Monday, June 27, 2011

A Picnic Basket Would Have Made It Easier

Packed into the car for our trip, along with the fishing equipment, pillows for napping in the car, a box of literature (carefully organized by itinerary, of course) and folding chairs, was a cooler. We discovered a long time ago that being off the beaten path, the way we like to travel, we can get awfully hungry at a time when there are no restaurants around. It is those times that we pull things out of the cooler like deli meats or yogurt.

Seems simple doesn’t it? Well it is not. Because while the cold items are in the cooler, everything else like eating utensils, dishes, napkins and cups are spread all throughout several supermarket totes. So when I recently saw some ads for a picnic basket I thought to myself, “Why didn’t I think of that sooner?”

How much easier it would have been to have everything in one place, in an easy to carry bag or basket. Not only that, for times we were off the road and hitting some of the hiking trails, a picnic backpack would have been perfect for us. There were some days we were out late to watch the sunset. I can just imagine the romantic picnic we could have had, perhaps with the bottle of wine I purchased at a winery we stopped at.

For our next car trip I’m definitely going to have to rethink the dishes and utensil thing. Digging through a bunch of supermarket totes to find a knife or fork is not really fun.

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