Thursday, May 5, 2011

More 'Little Ways' Tips

Thought it was about time I got back to posting more tips on little ways to make travel simpler, easier or cheaper:

Created folders, both on your computer and in a drawer, for all that great information you find on a location. Doesn't matter if you are not heading there immediately. But you'll have the links and articles handy when you do start planning a trip to that destination.

Check out the itineraries of major tour operators. They often list hotels and restaurants in addition to the location's sightseeing highlights. Use that information as a basis for planning your own do-it-yourself trip and save money.

On the other hand, use the tour information you gather to create your own personal must-see list and work with a travel agent for your own special itinerary.

Flying to a new destination? Ask your flight attendant if they have laid over in that city and, if yes, ask for advice regarding sightseeing, shopping and restaurants.

Add World Climate to your Bookmarks or Favorites so you can check out the weather and rainfall in cities worldwide. It can help you avoid the rainy season and with knowing what to pack when you are ready to visit.

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