Monday, April 4, 2011


I volunteer at our local library. Every year the Friends have a HUGE book sale. And I mean huge with anywhere from 80K to 100K books. We get donations all year long and they need to be sorted into one of the approximately 50 categories that we have. That's what I do, several times a week.

One of the rewards for doing this work (and it is work: sorting, packing and lifting boxes of books) is being able to get first dibs on anything donated. And this past week I found the book Roadfood by Jane and Michael Stern, a coast to coast guide to barbecue joints, lobster shacks, ice cream parlors, highways diners and other similar places to eat. Just the kind of stuff we like to discover when we take a road trip.

The copy I picked up is a few years old but it is going right into my car. Each geographical section in the book starts with a map of the states, showing highways and the locations of the eateries. Following is detailed descriptions of each place.

This book will definitely be with me next time we are on the road.

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The Travel Fool said...

Great article, roadfood joints are usually the best places to eat. That's where you find those great home made burgers or other fare that you just can't get at the chain restaurants. I have found the best BBQ places, family restaurants and Burger shacks during my travels and always look forward to the next find.