Monday, April 4, 2011

New Travel Resource

My previous post about wanting to start traveling again got me back on my computer researching travel information and travel destinations. I love to try and turn up new travel resources so I can get a different point of view or learn something really unique about a location. That's how I turned up Room Stays.

They've got a nice special deals page that can be searched by destination and even by hotel name. Would be a great place to start for someone heading out to a specific destination. But the site feature that I like the best is the travel guide.

The search can be done either by country, or if the country is the United States, by state also. The travel guides are brief and to the point. They provide just enough information to help decide if this is a place of interest for me. Then, to take it a step further, they have a tab called Location. This is where one can find more information about U.S. and Canadian cities. Scroll down, click on the appropriate state or province, then the city and the result is a list of restaurants and shopping in that city. A very nice list of information and a helpful resource.

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