Friday, March 18, 2011

Travel Insurance - Reading the Small Print

My husband and I always buy travel insurance. When our parents were alive there was always the possibility a medical emergency could result in our having to cancel a trip. Now that we, ourselves, are older we buy travel insurance for the same reason. Plus some of our trips, like to the Galapagos and Antarctica, have put us in places where medical evacuation, if necessary, would be very expensive.

But what if we were in Athens when the riots started? What if we were in Japan when the earthquake hit? Would our insurance have covered our trip delay, the additional expenses involved in finding a way home? I honestly don't know.

I'm going to have to find a copy of our travel insurance policy and read the small print.

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Carolyn said...

Being a disaster, it would be hard to say. I'd think that it wouldn't because it would be an act of God.

Glad I have a Visa in case I needed to spend a crazy amount to go home. (not that I'd want to spend that much!)