Thursday, March 24, 2011

Ship Speed Results in Suit Against Carnival

Of all the absolute nonsense! A woman is suing Carnival cruise lines because the ship was moving too fast and made her sick.

I first read about it on USAToday Travel. There is also information about it on AOL Travel which states that Carnival won that the case should have been filed in Florida and is not waiting on a ruling about the statute of limitations is for an event that happened in August 2009.

So what happened? Did she get seasick? Well this happens sometimes when you are on the ocean. Getting sick because the ship was going too fast? Ridiculous.

Reminds me of the cruise we took with Blount Small Ship Adventures. We were on their Virgin Islands trip which started and finished in St. Thomas and visited the U.S. and British Virgin Islands.

The Blount designed ships have a very shallow draft and they do not sail at night. We flew into St. Thomas an extra day early because, at the time, they had a special deal for an extra night on board while tied up at the dock. The next day we rented a car and had a wonderful full day on the island.

Next morning, still tied up at the dock, we are at breakfast and notice two passengers leaving the ship, pulling their luggage behind them. Curiosity got the best of most of us in the dining room and we wondered why they were leaving. Reason?

They couldn't handle the ship motion! Remember ... we were tied to the dock all night, in the harbor in Charlotte Amalie. What motion????

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Ryan Jones said...

I went on a cruise myself last summer (went up to Alaska), though I never got seasick or anything (though I went on the Golden Princess, not a Carnival Cruise ship). Though I suppose sea sickness does happen to some people if they go on a long cruise.