Sunday, March 13, 2011

Sailing Princess? Use Up Your Onboard Credits!

I was just reading the forum at Cruise Critic and a new and very popular topic is the way Princess is now handling onboard accounts.

In the past, passengers in the same cabin, on the same credit card, had their accounts combined at the end of the cruise, with the balance charged to the credit card. Not any more.

Now each account is handled separately with each onboard account being charged to the card. Not a problem, UNLESS, one account has a credit. In the past, if both accounts were on the same credit card, the credit would offset charges on the other account.

Not now. Now if one onboard account has a charge, it goes to the credit card. And the credits? They go POOF!

According to the forum, it is possible to go to the Passenger Service Desk and request that the two accounts be combined. Definitely check your onboard account statements during the cruise. It if looks like one account will end with a credit, make a point of using that account for shipboard charges. Or ask the PSD to move charges from one account to the other .... yes, they can do this.

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