Friday, March 18, 2011

Next Year Hawaii?

The year 2011 is done. At least done from my vacation planning point of view. We've got something going on every month, whether it is a trip or a commitment that will keep us home. So I now turn my focus to 2012.

We have very good friends who live in San Francisco. We did our China trip with them. They LOVE Hawaii and have tried, for years, to get us to join them on a trip there. And for years I have had Hawaii's Official Tourism site bookmarked on my computer.

Actually, they love Hawaii so much that they often talk about moving there. I don't know which particular island they would want to settle down on, whether Oahu or Kauai or the Big Island. But every winter, when the temperatures drop in northern California, I get an email about how she's ready to move.

Anyway, my husband and I are discussing possibilities for next January or February. Do we take another cruise? Do we visit with friends who go to Bonita Springs, Fl every year? We did it this year and loved it.

Or is 2012 the year we finally make it to Hawaii?

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