Tuesday, March 15, 2011

How to Turn Your Princess On Board Credit Into Cash

Got onboard credits in your Princess account? Way more than you'll be able to use during the cruise? And they are non-refundable credits? Here is how you can use those credits up, turning them into cash.

Use the casino's slot machines. No, you don't have to play the slots. You just have to use them to put charges onto your on board account. Here is how to do it ...

Insert your cruise card into the card slot in any slot machine.

Follow the instructions on the screen to set up your card for slot playing (ask any casino personnel if you need help), entering your birth date and a PIN

Once set up, follow the instructions and withdraw money from your onboard account. THERE IS NO FEE FOR THIS. The money will register in the slot machine as if you were going to play the machine. Then press the Cash Out on the screen. (You don't need to play the machine.) The credits will be recorded on your cruise card.

Take your cruise card to the cashier's window and get your cash. The amount you withdrew will be on your on board account statement and the OBCs will apply against it.

Voila! You have just turned your OBC into cash.

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