Sunday, March 6, 2011

How to Stay Healthy When You Travel

I keep reading about things to do and things to avoid, in order to stay healthy when traveling. The latest thing is bed bugs, about which you cannot do much about except ask for another room....and then inspecting that one too.

I read about 'don't touch this' and 'don't touch that.' If I followed everything on some of the lists I would probably never leave home.

So from someone (and her husband) who have managed to stay healthy while traveling around the world, here are some things I do:

I carry loads of antiseptic wipes. I'll wipe the tray table in the airplane. I'll wipe a table at an airport restaurant. I'll wipe my hands if no soap, etc in a bathroom. (I do this when in my home town, too.) And, no, I don't wipe down every TV remote or arm rest I touch. I don't avoid airplane magazines because 'who knows who touched them before.'

I do avoid airplane blankets and pillows.

I do wash out glasses in hotel room sinks before we use them.

I NEVER walk barefoot anywhere, and that includes going through security.

And I wash my hands THOROUGHLY after using an airplane bathroom. Yik! And then I use the paper towel to open the door.

But why should my routine be any different when I travel than when I am at home? If I take a seat at the mall, I don't wipe down the armrests. When I'm shopping, I don't wipe down the merchandise before handling it.

I think some people who scour their immediate vicinity when they travel need to get a life.

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