Sunday, February 13, 2011

Travelling to Ghost Towns Via Television

I appreciate the guest post, Jewel Rodgers

My daughter Cynthia and I love travelling to ghost towns. We love the excitement of it. We have always gone locally to many of the areas near our home and have had a little experience outside of your home state. However, that all changed when we began watching a television show on our Direct TV that featured ghost towns across the country.

Now, Cynthia and I travel all over the country visiting ghost towns. Many of them are commercialized with a lot of people there, all doing the same thing we are. But, we have found some smaller ghost towns that no one visits and those are the most memorable for us. From the television shows, we have learned that there is certain equipment we should take with us. Flashlights are essential and recording devices are recommended. We have brought many of these items with us and have recorded some pretty scary things. We also take our cameras hoping to catch some of the possible ghosts and have had mixed success in this area.

We have seen multiple orbs on our camera shots that were not visible in the rooms we were in with the naked eye. And, we have also captured a ray of light in a shot when the room was completely dark. Our ghost adventures are made more enjoyable when we watch these shows and know if we have already been there or not.

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