Saturday, February 19, 2011

Review: Trattoria Mia Casa

While going through some of my memory cards, I came across the restaurant sign for Trattoria Mia Casa. I had wanted to write about this restaurant and had forgotten the name. So I'm glad I took a picture of the sign.

Based upon our experience, this is a little family owned restaurant and it is located down a small alleyway. I had noticed the number of people going into the restaurant and decided we should try it one night.

It was a delightful place filled with locals. Some of the staff did not speak much English and had to ask another staff person to help us out. No problem. We noticed that most of the clientele was eating pizza so that's what we ordered. And it was delicious.

Friendly, reasonably priced and with good food, located near Hotel Giorgione, we definitely recommend this restaurant.

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