Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Off The Beaten Path – Car Trips

Along with our international cruising and land trips, we have taken a bunch of car trips within the U.S. In my opinion, way too many people do not take advantage of what our country has to offer.

Our first car trips were when the children were young. Since we are from upstate New York, our trips were pretty much confined to the East Coast. Over the years we managed to do a lot of it, from Key West up to Prince Edward Island in Canada. Our trips started as coastal trips and over the years we have managed to move a bit inland.

Then the urge for international travel hit us and our trips were overseas. But it dawned on us one day that there was still a lot of wonderful places to see in the U.S. And so, retired, we started our U.S. car trips, most of them lasting several weeks.

The wonderful thing about a car trip is to be able to go off the beaten path. Looking at maps and guidebooks, having no time constraints, it is easy to make that detour and find small gems like Capitola outside of Santa Cruz. Having my laptop with me on these trips, it is easy to research new places along the way such as using the Santa Cruz County tourism website for things to see and the Santa Cruz Sentinel for up-to-date information on what is happening in the area.

I think it’s time to plan our next car trip.

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Steve said...

Well what would I know of car trips in your country, I'm only a lowly Brit. We have loved our drives in the USA - Big Sur (obviously), Skyline Drive, Kancamagus Highway (beautiful even out of the fall), the Florida Keys (provided you get off the highway from time to time!), Texas Hill Country - all fantastic memories and much better introductions to the real USA. But can I request that you don't promote this too hard because, and I apologise in advance if this comment should come with a choke warning, your highways are so EMPTY! If the secret gets out that even the drived can see, pretty soon we won't be able to!