Thursday, February 10, 2011

Delta Sending Employees to Charm School

I just read this article on Yahoo's home page:

Sick of Surly Airline Staff? Delta Sends 11,000 Employees to Charm School

We just got off of Delta yesterday. Based upon this article I'm glad we didn't have to deal with too many ground personnel. Our only experience was at Baggage Drop in our city of departure and on our return flight, out of LAX.

In retrospect, our home town agent was nothing to write home about. However, our LAX agent was delightful. (Had she already been to charm school?)

As for flight personnel, our outbound crew was absolutely delightful with those boring safety announcements being made in a very humorous manner like 'if you tamper with a lavatory smoke detector we will ask you to step outside.' And there was nothing shabby about our return flight personnel either.

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