Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Should we head to the Southwest?

A couple of years back we did a car trip to the Northwest. We left home mid-May and drove straight through on the interstate to Nebraska. Once we reached there, we slowed down quite a bit and, whenever possible, we took the two lane highway instead of the fast 4 lane interstate. We moseyed through Nebraska, Utah, Idaho, Oregon, Washington, Montana, Wyoming and South Dakota. Over all, we put over 10K miles on the car and had an absolutely fantastic trip.

So now we are thinking about doing a similar trip through the Southwest. And part of the planning includes looking at possible places for car servicing when needed. At minimum I would want to have an oil change on our Acura TL. I would check out places in major cities, like Houston auto repair, just in case I needed something a bit more serious like new tires or a brake job.

On our Northwest trip, we had the car serviced in Portland. Planning ahead to take care of our car was an important part of making sure we had a safe trip.

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