Monday, December 6, 2010

Venice's Jewish Ghetto: Gam Gam, David's, Museum

Friday was for the Jewish ghetto. The ghetto in Venice was the very first Jewish ghetto. The word 'ghetto' is from the Italian word for foundry, of which there were several in the area. When Germans settled in the area, they could not pronounce the 'j' sound of the Italian word for foundry and the word became 'ghetto.'

We visited the Jewish museum and some of us took the synagogue tour, including me. I found it quite interesting. The synagogues we visited were built on top of houses because there was no ground space within the limited ghetto walls.

Of course the shoppers had to stop at David's. And we spent a lot of time there. We even came back there because their prices on Murano pendants were the best we saw. The staff was helpful and friendly and I would not hesitate to return there. Highly recommended.

Our final stop was Gam Gam, the kosher (meat/pareve) restaurant within the Ghetto. There were 10 of us. All of us enjoyed our food. Particularly outstanding was the eggplant appetizer, the pasta bolognese and the Israeli appetizer plate, which at 9,80 Euros, could feed two.

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