Thursday, December 2, 2010

Venice: Water Taxi From Ship to Hotel

There is no question that water taxis (as opposed to water buses) are the most convenient way to get to your hotel in Venice. They are also the most expensive.

But the first piece of advice is for when you, literally, disembark the ship with your luggage. If you see an empty luggage cart, grab it. You might be at just the right pier for transportation or, like us, it could be a VERY long walk.

Options for getting to a hotel include the People Mover to P. Roma and then a vaporetto (water bus). It is also possible to pick up a land taxi outside the pier to take to P. Roma and a vaporetto. But the vaporettos can be crowded and we would all have to be able to handle our luggage on and off.

So, because there were 6 of us going to the same hotel, we decided the best option would be splitting the cost of a water taxi. I went to the ticket booth, told them where we were going (Hotel Giorgione) and the number of passengers. I was asked about our luggage and then told the fare would be 20 Euros per person. I had done my research and knew this was a fair price. I bought the ticket, the ticket seller radioed a water taxi and I was told where we needed to wait and the number of our taxi.

We waited about 15 minutes, our taxi arrived, the driver loaded the luggage, and we were off to our hotel. Hotel Giorgione is actually a land locked hotel and we were dropped off a five minute walk from the front door of the hotel.

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