Saturday, December 11, 2010

Venice Grand Canal

We had already spent a lot of time walking around Venice and had spent a little bit of time on the Grand Canal when we arrived. Now it was time to maximize our water time and we boarded a vaporetto that took us to Lido. Lido is the resort island of Venice. It has some large hotels and excellent beaches. The island of Lido gave its name to future lidos...beach/resort areas.

Before we even got to the Lido, though, we were treated to the site of gondolas racing (?) along the waterway. We felt the vaporetto slow down and we wondered why. We then realized it was trying to reduce its wake so as not to upset any of the rowers.

By now the group was down to just four of us. We walked up and down the main street. It was strange actually having a street to walk along, with cars and buses, after having spent a few days in Venice which had neither. The we boarded vaporetto number 1 to head into the Grand Canal.

It was neat seeing things from the water. We had been over many, many small bridges, taking pictures of one bridge from another. Now we had an opportunity to take photos of the bridges from the water.

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