Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Venice Fish (Antique?), Fruit and Vegetable Markets

Our last day in Venice. I had heard so much about the open air markets by the Rialto bridge but had yet found them. That was the goal for today. With the help of my great map I realized they were located just off the street coming from the bridge. Once I knew where they were located, they weren't hard to find.

It was interesting walking around the food market. We some some fruits and vegetables that we weren't familiar with. I love persimmons and bought some to eat back at the room.

We walked over to an area that was supposed to be the fish market. Actually, there was a big sign that said Fish Market in Italian. But this day (a Monday?) it was an antique market. There were some very interesting items there, including a tile decorated mirror that was shaped like a violin. I fell in love with it and considered making an offer. I had no doubt it would fit in my suitcase. That was until I inquired about the asking price: 2500 Euros!!

Part of the area we walked by was flooded. I found this so interesting, how the city was, literally, at the water's edge.

And seeing the bottom of so many doorways rotted away because of so much contact with the water.

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