Sunday, December 5, 2010

Rialto Bridge, Venice, Italy

Our first destination as we wandered Venice that first afternoon was the Rialto Bridge. And in spite of all my reading, it was nothing like I expected.

I had seen pictures showing the beauty of the bridge as it crossed the Grand Canal. We lucked out and our foggy cloudy morning had turned into a sunny day and we got some beautiful pictures with blue sky. We walked up the stairs that are on both sides of the bridge, enjoying our view of the canal and traffic below us.

What I didn't expect was how the center of the bridge was one gift shop after another, some selling junk, some selling BEAUTIFUL quality items. Not only that, but there were kiosks along both streets that approached the bridge. What a shopping opportunity! So while the photographers headed off, shooting pictures of the bridge, from the bridge and from canal side, the shoppers headed off to...what!

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