Sunday, December 12, 2010

Recommended Map for the City of Venice, Italy

If you are heading to Venice, keep in mind that one of the best things about the city is getting lost in it. It was great wandering down narrow alleyways, only to discover they ended at water's edge or someone's front doorway.

But if you want to get to a specific place in Venice, other than a major attraction like the Rialto Bridge or San Marco Plaza, you'll need a map. And you'll need a good map.

I bought for our trip MapEasy's Guidemap to Venice and highly recommend it. The map is waterproof and tear resistant and after using it a lot over five days, my copy has lots of creases in it but no tears.

The map is easy to use and to read. It has some neat facts and interesting comments on it that easily made it a supplementary guide book. There is no doubt that the next time I need a map for a major city, it will be made by MapEasy.

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