Friday, December 10, 2010

Murano and Burano, Venice, Italy

Although we had just gotten off a cruise ship, we wanted to maximize our time on the canals of Venice. To do this we decided to buy a 36-hour pass. By buying it at around 10 a.m., this gave us two full days of on-off travel. Our plan was a day for Murano and Burano and another day just cruising around the Grand Canal.

Weather was cloudy, as usual, but that didn't stop us. The number 42 vaporetto to Murano left from a dock about a 5 minute walk from our hotel. The ride to Murano was less than 10 minutes. Known for its fabulous glass, Murano is one shop or glass blowing factory after another. What we found interesting was that some shops carried a specific artist. Others carried several. The glass ranged from little figures costing a few euros to museum quality pieces carrying huge price tags.

The island is small and it was easy to wander around, popping into shops here and there. Our group had lunch on the island and then we caught the vaporetto for Burano, a 30 minute ride from Murano.

Burano is know for its lace-makers. Actually, I should probably put that in the past tense....was known for its lace-makers. There are only a few women now who continue up the tradition. Most of the lace is made elsewhere. And the shops were full of it.

Burano is an extremely picturesque island. All of the houses are painted different colors. The photographers in our group went nuts. We walked all over...down streets, into plazas, along canals. Stopped in pastry shops, of course. Too soon it was time to return to Venice. It was a great day.

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