Thursday, December 2, 2010

Cruise Port Review: Venice, Italy

This is going to be SO hard. Writing just a few short posts about Venice. We, like loads of people before us, fell in love with the city.

Although we arrived on a cold, chilly, foggy morning, I was not prepared for the magic as our water taxi exited the area by the cruise pier and entered the Grand Canal. Everywhere we looked there were spectacular looking buildings, gondolas and water taxis. As we made our way to our hotel, we passed by small canals with bridges over them and, of course, the buildings right up to water's edge.

We turned down one of those small canals to get to our hotel and I had to duck my head as we passed under one of those small bridges. We checked in, along with friends from our cruise group that were staying at the same hotel.

We had booked five nights because this time of year rain and flooding was common and I anticipated we might lose time in the city due to the weather. Well, we lucked out. There had been flooding the week before, it was raining the day we left, and in between we had some cool and cloudy weather but it never stopped us.

Note: This is my first post on Venice and, at this point, have no idea how many more I will write. To read them all, simple click on Venice in the Label field below.

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