Sunday, December 5, 2010

Canals and San Marco at Night, Venice, Italy

We spent a few hours walking around the Rialto Bridge area. Everywhere we turned there was another photo op... canals.... gondolas. We did what we were advised to do....walk and walk and walk. We popped into stores and churches. We shopped and we window shopped. We had crepes and gelato.

And then we pooped out and headed back to our hotel for a brief respite before meeting up with friends for dinner.

After dinner (see next post), we were recharged and wandered over to San Marco Plaza at night. There was nobody there. The shops were all closed. It was a great, quiet, and eerie experience with the fog coming in off the water.

Only the top of the clock was lit. The other facades, like the Basilica, simply reflected light from the streetlamps. We looked forward to returning in the daylight.

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