Monday, December 6, 2010

Camping Gear?

I know....we are just back from a trip. But that never stopped me from planning ahead for the next trip, and the next trip and the next one.

One I am working on is a car trip to the southwest. We have done a lot of international travel and the fact is we also have some wonderful things to see in our own country. We have traveled extensively along the east coast, and we did a fantastic car trip to the northwest. Now we've decided to do a similar trip to the southwest.

When we took our northwest trip we had some camping supplies with us. Except for one city, we had no reservations for accommodations. Just in case we couldn't find anything, pre-trip we went out and looked at camping tents and bought one to throw in the trunk, along with some extra blankets. And we almost did have to use the Vernal, Utah.

So for this upcoming trip, the tent will definitely go into the car again. And I was also thinking about camping stoves. We have one passed along to us by my Dad...maybe that should go into the car too?

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