Thursday, November 18, 2010

Wonder where I've been?

Traveling, of course.

Just returned from several days in Athens, a Princess Holy Land cruise on the Pacific Princess and, finally, a few days in Venice. Over the next couple of days I'll be reviewing my notes and posting about our trip.

We traveled with a group of 14 that included our travel agent (who we have used for over 15 years and is now also a very good friend), Ellen from Sea4Sail and her husband, two good friends from our home town (Carol and Stu), Stu's sister and husband, who we have traveled with before, Carol's brother and wife who we had met previously, three travelers we had met on previous cruises with Ellen and one new person. It was a group that enjoyed its time together and yet made up of people who were not hesitant to go their own way if they so chose.

The formal photo is compliments of Ellen. My husband and I are all the way to the left.

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