Saturday, November 20, 2010

Restaurants in the Plaka area, Athens, Greece

Most of the tourist section in the Plaka area are pedestrian only streets. The area is clean and well lit. Actually, our first night, when we went to find a place for dinner, my husband left his SLR in our hotel room. After dinner we returned to our hotel so he could retrieve his camera and we walked back to the Plaka for pictures. Not only does this demonstrate how safe the area is, but also makes a point about the great location of our hotel making this back-track quick and easy.

TO XANI: Adrianou 138 - Excellent meal of Greek salad (which we shared), pork gyro for DH and grilled lamb chops for me. Total cost: 35 Euros

PLAKA Restaurant at the corner of Kydatheneon and Geronta Streets. I went for one of the specials: roast pork with vegetables. My husband had 'chicken with pasta'.....the pasta was orzo. Again we shared a Greek salad and had a bottle of water. Total cost: 30 Euros

Vyzantino Taverna on Kydatheneon St. We had most of our group with us by now. DH had roasted pork with potatoes. I had 'lamb with oregano sauce'...lamb shank cooked in sauce over potatoes. Again, a delicious meal. The group shared water and two servings of hummus. Cost: 30 Euros

For our 4th night we returned to the PLAKA Restaurant. Most of us had grilled lamb chops which were excellent. Now there were 12 of us. We got free wine (we asked for it, since other restaurants were offering it to get us into their restaurant) and, for the group, bowls of Greek salad, tzidiki (sp???), yogurt, garlic, bread and water. Our most expensive meal at 40 Euros but we had lamb which is relatively expensive and a lot of food.

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