Monday, November 22, 2010

Recommended Souvenir Shop, Plaka, Athens, Greece

I am a shopper. I like to buy local items. And I like to do it for as little money as possible. And one thing I have never done on this blog before is recommend a souvenir shop. First time for everything.

On our first night in Athens, I had stopped at The Greek Shop, 120 (?) Adrianou, Plaka. You really can't miss it. It is a large (like double wide), brightly lit shop, selling olive oil, ouzo, candy and olive oil skin products.

As we walked around Athens, I popped into many souvenir shops, comparing items and prices, and looking for new items to buy. And I didn't buy anything until I went back to The Greek Shop.

I had decided I wanted to exchange some of the smaller bottles of olive oil I had bought for larger ones. No problem. Their selection and prices were as good and even better than other shops I had stopped in. (I found only one item where they were more expensive). There was no pressure to buy, unlike the other stores which had more expensive prices and then they would give me a 'deal' by dropping the price .... to what it was marked in The Greek Shop.

The staff was soft-spoken and thoroughly answered questions I had. Unless asked, the staff stood by the counter simply watching and waiting. It was a pleasure to shop there.

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