Friday, November 19, 2010

Make sure your passport is signed!

"I can't accept this" said the TSA security agent as he looked at our passports. My husband and I nearly keeled over as we were just starting out on our long awaited trip to Athens, Venice and cruise to the Holy Land. What could possibly be wrong?? We had used these very same passports on our March trip to Holland and Belgium.

Then he said "They are not signed."

Who would have known this could cause an issue. He asked if we had our driver's licenses, which we did, and those were used to get us through security. Where, while putting on our shoes, I pulled out a pen and we signed our passports.

I know that a government issued photo ID is required for air travel but I didn't know it had to be a 'signed' ID.......or does it really????

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Anonymous said...

I'd forgotten you mentioned this so I just now figured I'd better check ours! I don't remember when, but we signed ours. In the 20 years I've had a passport, your experience is the FIRST I've ever heard of - good to mention for everyone to check!