Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Kudos to my HIGHLY recommended travel agent

I've often mentioned my TA, Ellen, in my posts. Her full name is Ellen Posard and she is the owner of Sea4Sail.

Don't let the name of her company fool you. Yes, she specializes in cruises but she also handles land tours. With over 20 years in the business, and as a respected member of a major travel consortium, she has developed many excellent contacts throughout the travel industry. And her contacts and experience came to play, directly, on our Holy Land Trip.

Ellen arranged our land tours in Turkey, Israel and Egypt. As previously mentioned, when our tour guide for our first day in Israel did not meet her standards, she was livid. Immediately on the telephone, and then later in emails, she handled the situation in an extremely calm and professional manner. Me? I would have been screaming at someone. But Ellen is the consummate professional and before dinner was over that evening (she brought her laptop to the dinner table to stay on top of her emails), she received a very sincere apology, was assured that we would have a new guide for Jerusalem and that she and her clients would be extremely pleased.

And, yes, we had a lovely, very knowledgeable young lady who made sure we saw everything on our agenda, even if it meant we were back to the ship an hour later than originally contracted for.

Kudos to Ellen!

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