Thursday, November 18, 2010

International Lost Luggage - Part II

Follow-up on previous post.

Spoke with Jet Blue shortly after 8 a.m. and was put on hold for a LONG time while they figured out what to do. I suspect this was all beyond the person I was first speaking with.

Jet Blue got in touch with our local Jet Blue Customer Service office and said the local office would call me

My next receiving call was from Barbara at Heathrow following up....very nice of her. I brought her up to date. BTW, I asked her if she was with AA or BA. She said AA as BA wouldn't do what she is doing. Why am I not surprised?

Latest call was from Barb (yup) at Jet Blue. One of our bags came in on AA late last night. I suspect it came in our original flight plan which was LHR to Chicago to ROC. Barb (Jet Blue) got it from AA, we matched up the tag number (right one) and DH is going to pick it up. (Yes, they will deliver but DH wants to get it now).

Gave Barb the tracing information I had received from Barbara and Barb is heading back to AA to give them the info to get the second bag released from Heathrow. If it does the same LHR to ORD to ROC route, I suspect it will come in late Friday night and we'll see it on Saturday.

At least all of the bags are accounted for.

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