Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Does a cruise passenger need to, independently, get their own Egyptian visa?

I participate in several cruise forums and one topic that seems to consistently come up is whether or not cruise ship passengers stopping in Egypt need to independently obtain their Egyptian visa.

From personal experience, on the Pacific Princess, I can tell you our answer is 'No.' Princess asked for passports upon passengers return to the ship in Ashdod, Israel, our last stop before Port Said. We needed to pick them up the next morning before disembarking. All passports were stamped with the necessary visa.

It didn't matter if anyone was on a ship excursion, an independent excursion (as we were), or just getting off the ship to wander around the city. And based upon what I have read on forums, this is true for any ship.

Another item I read on the forum is not to simply check with your TA. Unfortunately, some TAs were less than truthful because they would handle getting the visa and got a commission for it. If your TA says, yes, that you need one, double check by calling your cruise line directly and ask to speak with a supervisor. Not all front line employees know the correct information.

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