Saturday, November 20, 2010

Acropolis and Strikes in Athens

I had been reading about off and on strikes in Athens but I wasn't prepared for a strike that was only 4 hours long.

My husband and I planned on being at the Acropolis at 8 a.m. when it opened. Due to jet lag and total exhaustion, we overslept. And it didn't make one bit of difference because, as we dragged ourselves up the steps to the gate (the EASY way), we found the gate and ticket booth closed because the staff was on strike until noon.

Time for Plan B. We headed down the stairs, then down the street to the Acropolis Museum. Fortunately that was open and things actually turned out for the better. After looking at the displays at the museum, and watching the excellent video on the 3rd floor, I think we had a better appreciation for the Acropolis when we did get to see we again climbed the stairs to the gate and the HUGE crowd now waiting to get in.

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